Audio: Live Sound Reinforcement

Welcome to the Live Sound Reinforcement area of the WELStech wiki!

Live Sound Reinforcement ("LSR", or commonly
"live sound" or "live audio") is the use of audio systems to make sure that everyone who is physically in attendance/on-site at an event can hear and understand the audible communications from the event leaders as well as possible.
In regard to WELStech, worship services are our most important "live events".

If you have a heart to serve the Lord and you like Physics almost as much as (or more than) you like music, then your church could probably use your help as a volunteer!

Navigate the sitemap/pagetree on the left side of this webpage to find related pages within this field. There is a lot of information here!

For information regarding how to record or live-stream anything (e.g. sermons, worship services, high school basketball games, etc.), please visit the
Podcasting, Recording & Live Streaming section of the wiki, found in the sitemap/page links on the left side of this webpage. By contrast, the Live Sound Reinforcement section (where you are right now) focuses upon helping the people who are physically in attendance on-site to hear everything well.

A quick note regarding nomenclature: Technically, "live sound reinforcement" does not include recording, nor broadcasting / podcasting / streaming, nor studio work of any kind. Also referred to as "live sound", "live audio", "sound" or "audio". ...I know, why doesn't the entire English-speaking world just pick one stinkin' name and stick with it, right? ;-)