Live Event & Worship Technology

The Live Event & Worship Technology section of this wiki exists to help WELS congregations, schools and other organizations of WELS members to determine the most suitable approaches, equipment and techniques regarding the use of audio, video, lighting, controls, electric power, and any other stagecraft for events, especially Worship.

  • Other venues besides church worship sanctuaries may include fellowship halls, convention halls, lawns, parks, theaters, auditoriums, gymnasiums, athletic fields, large classrooms, lecture halls, etc.
  • Other events and applications besides worship services may include concerts, conventions, seminars, meetings, presentations, dinner speakers, graduation ceremonies, theatrical plays, theatrical musicals, athletic contests, etc.

The overall theme here is reinforcement of what is being presented to the congregation, audience or fans who are physically in attendance on-site.
Currently, electronic musical instruments, such as electronic organ, also reside in this section of the wiki.

Please use the sitemap/pagetree list on the left side of the webpage to navigate the wiki, as there is too much information here to be constantly updating pagelinks. For information regarding how to record or live-stream anything (e.g. sermons, worship services, high school basketball games, etc.), please visit the Podcasting, Recording & Live Streaming section of the wiki.

If you feel that important information is missing, then please consider authoring new content. If you are an experienced technician and you know that certain information needs to be improved, then please consider editing it.

May God bless your efforts as you use your skills and equipment to glorify him!