Podcasting, Recording & Live Streaming

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Welcome to the Podcasting & Live Streaming sector of the wiki!

Podcasting is a very important technology to WELStech, as most of the information disseminated by WELStech is via Podcast.

Podcasting combines:
  1. live streaming / live broadcast,
  2. studio recording / studio production and...
  3. episodic releases of audio and/or video content.
Podcasting blurs the lines between Live Event Technology, Studio Production and Media Content Archiving, as it does all of them simultaneously.
Pretty neat, eh? We think so!

For detailed information regarding certain individual aspects/disciplines that comprise Podcasting (particularly Live Event & Worship Technology and Video Studio Production), please visit those specialized sections elsewhere in this wiki. Be aware that the "Podcasting" section of the wiki may contain redundant (but useful!) information regarding these previously mentioned fields for the purpose of application to Podcasting, but this redundant information is not detailed enough to serve specialists in those other areas of technology. One field that currently and intentionally resides within the Podcasting section of the wiki is Audio Recording & Production.

Check out the Podcasting sub-pages in the sitemap/pagetree to the left and have fun! :D